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Alice McKee's On-line Portraits and Murals

Welcome to my on-line Portraits and Murals.

The examples of work on show here include some formal portraits, family portraits and interior murals for your home or business. Among the formal work are portraits of the following people:-

Alexander McKee OBE (book list) who re-discovered the site of Henry VIII's flagship, the Mary Rose in the Solent in 1967 with a team of divers, (members of the British Sub-aqua Club Special Branch);

Cllr Parvin Damani MBE, Mayor of Southampton 2003-2004

Honorary Alderman Kathie Johnson MBE, Mayor of Southampton 1969 and

Cllr Michael Andrews, Mayor of Southampton in June 1998.

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Page last updated 22 May 2006.

Formal and Family Portraits. - Live sittings with the subjects for sketches and painting are preferred